Monthly Internet Accountability

We provide documented evidence to you every month for the following growth statistics:

1. The traffic and continued growth of your new state-specific Trucker Marketing website.
2. Traffic to our own marketing websites.
3. Click-though traffic from our own websites to your own school’s website.

The following Internet charts are the results of one-month of traffic to, a Trucker Marketing website.

This map shows you where most of your students are originating. This helps you focus your other marketing efforts more effectively.

This chart shows you the monthly traffic, and the percentage increase in traffic to your Trucker Marketing website compared to the prior months traffic.

This pie-chart shows you the internet source of traffic to your new state-specific Trucker Marketing website, and where it came from.

This graph shows you:

a. Total number of site visits
b. Unique site visits
c. Number of pages viewed
d. Average time on the website
e. The bounce rate