TV and Radio Ads

We manufacture professional TV and Radio ads that are designed to attract the best possible student. These ads are customized for your school, and they belong to you exclusively. Television is the most powerful advertising medium in America.


Trucker Marketing websites appeal to the young, and the young at heart. We provide increased statewide exposure to your schools website; building your school’s reputation among graduates, and increasing your schools personal referrals.


After your new, state-specific website is completed and launched, our Trucker Marketing internet experts will study your school’s existing website. We will then provide written suggestions on how you could improve your own website to increase your position in the Google organic listings.

Lead Track Reporting

Our Internet-Results Tracking Report will show you how well we are doing to keep our commitments to bring new students to your school. You will see the results in concise, easy-to-understand reports, detailing our monthly growth results.


You will receive national identity branding through 1-800-TRUCKER exposure all over America.

Increased student enrollment

Our written guarantee assures your school an increase of student enrollment, aiding your schools growth, and its identity in your own state.


Through our Marketing Program, and national exposure of 1-800-TRUCKER, more people will appreciate that being a professional trucker is a very rewarding career. Trucker Marketing assures increased student enrollment as the workforce increases, and the economy grows stronger.