Fequently Asked Questions

How does a your program help my business grow?

We focus our marketing efforts in the states where we have participating schools. We invest our expert time and money to make sure that every student-prospect we attract, will be driven to your school.

How do I know that your program will save my company money?

By increasing your schools ROI (Return On Investment). We guarantee in writing, that our program will reduce your schools cost-per-student enrolled, making your current advertising expense provide you a greater return.

a. Internet Traffic Data: You see the online tracking results in monthly reports.
b. Caller Data: By seeing your results daily, we prove that we make your ads work harder for you.
c. 1-800-TRUCKER - Every dollar you spend on advertising to make the phone ring equates to your ROI (Return-On-Investment). By increasing your ad response by
     10% - 20%, we help you reduce your customer acquisition cost, thus increasing your profits, equaling an increased ROI.

My business and my budget are small. How can I afford your service?

We have a plan for every budget. We have found, on average, that one new student per-quarter, will cover your Trucker Marketing association fee. By driving to you, hundreds of new prospects, we are proving our value many times over.

What happens when my contract expires? Could our school lose its position to a larger school willing to pay you more?

You never lose your position with Trucker Marketing, as long as your agreement remains valid. Also, it is always your schools option to renew. Since 1994, we have assured all our customers of the first-right to renew.

We plan to use the internet for recruiting new students.

First, we promise to drive more students to your website, through our Internet Marketing Program. Historically though, less than 5% of your new students will contact you in writing. They will call you and want to speak to a live person.

You only have one chance to make a strong first impression. 1-800-TRUCKER strengthens your school website by:

  • Promoting an immediate identity-association for the visitor
  • They remember how to call you long after they have left your website to see your competitors
  • You receive strong support materials, showing internet traffic, and call-tracking results, in real time

My school has many locations. Can we all share the Internet leads and phone calls?

Yes. We currently serve many clients with multiple facilities in the same city, state, or multiple states. We have lead delivery solutions for every demand your school requires.

Can you help me to answer the phone after hours?

Our after-hours Voicemail system includes a custom, radio personality recording. Whenever an after-hours voice message is received, we instantly send you an email that includes the caller's name and address, and a link for you to listen to that message from the computer or PDA designated to receive that after-hours email.

How will 1-800-TRUCKER really help my school grow?

Yes. 1-800-TRUCKER is exactly seven digits, it has individual-person-identity, and a 5th grader can spell it. We guarantee, in writing, that 1-800-TRUCKER will increase your current ad responses by 20-30%.

Will you ever raise my rates?

Our agreements have built-in guaranteed cost-of-marketing growth expenses set at an annual cap. We promise never to surprise you with unforeseen costs or price increases, beyond what is set at the time of your initial agreement.

Does 1-800-TRUCKER work from Cellular Phones?

Yes, you receive calls from any type of telephone when 1-800-TRUCKER is dialed.

We want to run some TV ads, but they are so expensive. Will you help me place my ads on TV within my budget?

Trucker Marketing has a relationship with one of America’s leading retail advertising and public relations companies, The Larry John Wright Agency. In the last 40 years, the Larry John Wright Agency has placed over one-quarter of a billion dollars in media advertising.

This ad power, and our ten-year relation with them, guarantees that as a Trucker Marketing Associate, you will receive the lowest media placement rates available.