Commanding Internet Presence

Many school marketing websites promise to keep your phone ringing by exposing your school with advertising banners. The problem is that they also list all your competitors banners. This gives your prospective student other options.

Google, Yahoo, and MSN search-response qualifications change almost daily. At any given time, multi-school websites may, or may not, be on Page 1, Page 2, or even Page 3. This is because prospective students seek CDL training schools under many different search-terms.

The Trucker Marketing Solution - Multiple websites geared directly for the specific search-term sought by the student. The following benefits are guaranteed to help your school grow:

a. Connection: Websites whose names match the search term sought by the student. Value - immediate association.
b. Exclusivity: Your school has no competitors at any of our websites. Value - only your school is shown.
c. Exposure: Trucker Marketing guarantees that two or more of our websites will always be on Page One, always.